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Stefan Paschko

Managing Director

Martin Mertens

Director Global Sales & Marketing

Jörg-Michael Körner

Director Research & Development

Antje Ziob

Assistant to the Managing Director

Simone Hautmann

Sales Manager South/East Germany

Annika Thies

Sales Manager North/West Germany

Xi Heinz

Sales Manager Asia &
Customer Service Representative

Arne Anderson

Customer Service Representative

Ian Pericevic

Senior Engineer Research & Development

Dr. Anne Neumeister

Project Manager

Yves Eicke

Quality Manager

Tobias Müller

Head of Catheter & Probe Production

Sabine Huß

Head of Device Production

Ludmilla Wagner

Team Leader Catheter
 & Probe Production

Katarina Kovacova

Quality Manager

Friederike Meurer

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Norman Reinecke

Procurement Manager

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