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Our Sales Director on a visit to Latin America

An important market for Spiegelberg for many years

I travelled through Latin America for the last two weeks and visited our local distributors in Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador and Mexico. Honestly, I was excited before this trip as it was the most extended trip since the pandemic. And the second reason, I have never been to Latin America before. Now, that I am sitting at my desk in rainy Germany, I can summarise that this trip was amazing. First, it was great to meet in person after 3 years of video calls. To not only talk about business but also to meet the person behind the screen. To chat about family, food, politics and all the other topics far away from daily business. Only when you understand the big picture you can act, understand and offer appropriately.
And the people that I met in Latin America were all extraordinarily kind, attentive and very engaged. During my trip, I met so many doctors who are so interested in our products or working with our products for many years. Thanks to you all who made this trip amazing.