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Spiegelberg supplies numerous products for neurosurgery from a single source. They include high-quality medical accessories. 

Freiburg EVD bed holder

The Spiegelberg Freiburg EVD bed holder is compatible with all standard beds and is available in 3 models: for the left side, the right side or both sides of the bed. The Freiburg bed holder consists of a rod fixed to a plate, which is placed under the mattress. The weight of the mattress and the patient fix the holder securely in place. The holder is fixed with the zero mark at the elevation of the foramen of Monroe of the patient. When the head section of the bed is adjusted, the elevation of the drip chamber in relation to the foramen of Monroe remains unchanged. A swivel joint adjusts the vertical position. The Velcro straps fix the drip chamber securely at the desired height. The height is shown on the scale in mmHg or cmH2O. 

Technical data

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