ICP Monitors

ICP monitors for measuring intracranial pressure

All Spiegelberg ICP monitors have a practical plug-and-play function. After placement of the air-pouch probe, connect it, switch on the monitor and wait for the automatic calibration¹. The latest Spiegelberg ICP monitors come with batteries that last up to 6 hours. Every ICP monitor is compatible with most standard patient monitors.

Accurate measuring results & data analysis

Spiegelberg ICP monitors run an automatic recalibration process to ensure accurate measurement results¹. A clinical trial² has confirmed that the maximum drift over a period up to 28 days was only +-3 mmHg. 

¹ ICP-Monitor internal zeroing; no calibration in the technical sense
² Source: Clinical Evaluation of Intraparenchymal Spiegelberg Pressure Sensor, Congress of
  Neurological Surgeons, June 2003.
³ The ICP-Lab software is not a medical device and is not approved for diagnostic purposes.

A digital interface is available for transfer of measured values to a computer for analysis of the data. ICP-Lab³ is optionally available for data analysis.

ICP monitor HDM 29.2

The Spiegelberg ICP monitor HDM 29.2, manufactured from light-weight aluminium, provides accurate measurement results and is particularly simple to operate. With rechargeable batteries the ICP monitor HDM 29.2 can be operated independently of a mains supply for up to six hours. 

Technical data

50% lighter than the previous model!

ICP monitor HDM 29.1

The Spiegelberg ICP monitor HDM 29.1 uses the Air-Pouch method for measuring the intracranial pressure. It is compatible with the full range of Spiegelberg Air-Pouch probes. The ICP monitor HDM 29.1 also comes with rechargeable batteries – providing power for up to three hours independent operation.

Technical data

ICP monitor HDM 26.1

The Spiegelberg ICP monitor HDM 26.1 also uses the Air-Pouch method for measuring the intracranial pressure and it is compatible with all Spiegelberg Air-Pouch probes. The power supply of the Spiegelberg ICP monitor HDM 26.1 is displayed by a mains power control light.

Technical data

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