Silverline® shunt catheters

Treating hydrocephalus

Silverline® shunt catheters for hydrocephalus

The Spiegelberg Silverline® shunt catheters are permanent implants used for treatment of hydrocephalus. Spiegelberg Silverline® shunt catheters can be connected to most standard shunt valves for catheters with an inner diameter of 1.3 mm.

Special manufacturing technology

A special manufacturing technology has been used for the cylindrical drainage holes at the tip of the catheter to reduce the possibility of blockage during drainage. In addition, the Spiegelberg Silverline® shunt catheters have a special silver additive that reduces the possibility of microbial colonisation of the product surface.

Silverline® ventricular shunt catheters

Spiegelberg Silverline® ventricular shunt catheters are made of silver impregnated radiopaque implant-quality silicone. Silverline® ventricular shunt catheters also have depth markers. A stylet and a trocar are included with the catheter.

Technical data

Silverline® peritoneal shunt catheters

Spiegelberg Silverline® peritoneal shunt catheters consist of two layers: the inner layer contains a radiopaque silicone and the outer layer of the Silverline® peritoneal shunt catheter is pure implant-quality silicone.

Technical data

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