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Catheters & EVD Kits

Catheters and external ventricular drainage kits 

Spiegelberg supplies high-quality medical devices such as neurosurgical catheters in sizes 6F, 8F or 10F as tunnel or bolt versions and also external ventricular drainage kits (EVD kits) for use with indications such as subarachnoidal haemorrhages, traumatic brain injury and acute hydrocephalus.

High-quality and customised catheters

All Spiegelberg catheters are made of radiopaque polyurethane. Specially designed drainage holes at the tip of the catheter reduce blockages. The round tip is closed and the catheter has depth markings. It is easily attached with the Luer-Lock connector. The silver additive of all Spiegelberg Silverline® catheters also reduces the risk of microbial colonisation of the surface of the product. 

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External ventricular drainage kits

Spiegelberg external ventricular drainage catheters are used for CSF drainage to relieve elevated intracranial pressure (ICP). The kit comprises a tube connector with a Luer-Lock for connection to the ventricular catheter, a drip chamber and a replaceable drainage bag

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Spiegelberg supplies all medical devices reliably and from a single source – this also includes the right accessories that are needed for use of catheters and EVD kits

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