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IAP Catheters

IAP catheters for measuring intraabdominal pressure 

Spiegelberg IAP catheters continuously measure the intraabdominal pressure via the air pouch at the tip of the catheter and they are compatible with all Spiegelberg ICP monitors

Continuous and hygienically measuring

Easy to use

Spiegelberg IAP catheters can be used immediately, because they do not require calibration before use. The IAP catheter is inserted like a nasogastric tube. There is an air pouch at the tip. The catheter has two lumens: one lumen for connection of the air pouch to the Spiegelberg ICP monitor and one lumen for insertion of the guide wire. 

Particularly robust

Because the technology is not in the probe but only in the monitor, the Spiegelberg IAP catheters are particularly non-sensitive and are noted for their durability.

Technical data